Caldera’s Team Wins STAAR WARS Competition


Victor Arreola

The First Place Team from the recent Staar Wars competition

Alyssa Vazquez, News Editor

Last week was the commencement of the annual STAAR WARS competition among the Algebra classes. Listed below are the top 3 teams:

1st Place: Caldera’s Team

Elhadji Toure

Nhi Nguyen

Fayezeh Karimi

Wongel Gebremichael

2nd Place: Oyelami’ s Team

Silva Wendi

Gonzalez Patricia

Soto Kevin

Tax Simeona

Victor Arreola

3rd Place: Mr. Cho’s Team

Wilmer Salgado

Juan Pedraza

Saymon Hagos

Mara Nezami

Victor Arreola