Working to Improve Family & Community Engagement


Wisdom HS News

Mr. Reed – an ESL Teacher – and others listen to a student during a recent community engagement event at Wisdom HS.

Staff Reports

On Wednesday April 18th, Wisdom High school hosted a community meeting and workshop in collaboration with HISD’s Family and Community Engagement (FACE), and Wraparound Services to review and discuss the outcomes of the School Climate Survey/Feedback.
The participants consisted of parents, students, faculty and staff, and service providers including CIS, PAIR, Baker Ripley, Arab American Community Center, Servant of Nations and Embrace your Future.
The meeting focused on discussing four main components in order to improve the overall school environment. These components included (1) Physical Environment, (2) School Wide Practices and Policies, (3) Customer Service and (4)Written Materials and Communication.
Additionally, the meeting ended with a Professional Development workshop, titled: Two way Communication.
“We thank all those who participated and provided feedback,” said Campus Coordinator Sandra David. “Together we can bring a positive change to our campus culture.”