25 Law Enforcement Students Earn Security Officer Certificates; Ocampo Hired as Loss Prevention Specialist at Walmart


Wisdom HS News

Senior Chris Ocampo

The students listed below have recently passed the state of Texas Basic Security Officer Exam in Dr. Seales’ law enforcement class for the 2017-2018 school year. These students are now eligible for licensure with a private or public security company.
The students who passed this state exam are now eligible to find employment in fields such as retail security, industrial security, asset protection, and loss prevention. The security industry is always looking for motivated professionals to protect their assets, property and people.
Upon graduation from high school, these certified students will be able to become employed in the security industry and help protect vital private and corporate assets as well as protect people who may visit or conduct business with these companies.
Listed down below are the 25 students names who received this certificate:

Joban A. Castro
Yamilet Jimenez
Christopher R. Guerro
Erica Chavez
Maria G. Alonso
Treyuian B. Wilson
Daniella A. Garica
Esmerelda E. Cordoba
Alex Hernandez
Rubi Hernandez
Sheila T. Benitez
Christopher Ocampo
Cariota N. Abeme
Arturo Ruiz
Juliana M. Carranza
Cristian A. Gomez
Edras Guevara
Henry Flores
Maria G. Alonso
Gabriel Lemus
Franklin D. Perdomo
Dayana R. Hernandez
Aroldo J. Contreras
Gilenda J. Canales
Ericka Ocampo

Out of all of these students who received the certification, one student – senior Christopher Ocampo – has already been hired as a loss prevention specialist at Walmart, where his pay will be starting at $15.00 an hour.

“I’m excited and blessed to be a part of Mr. Seales’ class,” said Ocampo. “Now I have a good paying job and a great opportunity to prosper.”

Alyssa Vazquez

“I think that it’s pretty awesome that a high school student is now making $15.00 an hour,” said Mr. Seales. “I am happy to have helped Christopher and I’m proud of him.”