Theater Arts Says Farewell to Mr. Linsey; Welcomes Mr. Morin


Alyssa Vazquez

Mr. Linsey and Mr. Morin

Alyssa Vazquez and Gaelle Elias

Due to recent events, our theater department has given us the heartbreaking news of the departure of Mr. Linsey from our beloved school. Mr. Linsey has been working hard throughout the summer to get his masters in Theater Arts from Texas A&M University, so that he can begin teaching at the university level. However, Linsey will still remain on campus while training our new Theater teacher Mr. Morin, who will take over next year.

Over the past several weeks, Mr. Linsey and Mr. Morin have been collaborating together and are both teaching theater lessons with one another. Linsey knows that the Wisdom theater department will be left in good hands.

“My advice is just to build your program by grabbing students out of the hall, to bring into your class while you also speak with them about the opportunity you could offer,” said Mr. Linsey to Mr. Morin. “Also, start planning ahead for UIL Theater, which is really big and an important thing.”

We have learned many things about Mr. Morin’s background, before he came over to Houston ISD. “I recently came from Alief ISD, and my first year was at a high school in La Marque ISD,” said Morin. “I graduated from the University of Texas, after being born and raised in Houston. I’ve been involved in theater for quite a long time, and I have some experience with UIL, so I’m excited to be here.”

“I’m looking forward to working with all of the diversity that we have here, and I don’t want to see any students excluded from theater, because it doesn’t matter what sex or race you are. Theater Arts is made for everyone to take part in,” said Morin.

We wish the best of luck to Mr. Linsey in his new journey, and we welcome Mr. Morin!