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Garza Recognizes Outstanding Sophomores

Mrs. Garza, and the fellow winning students.

Mrs. Garza, and the fellow winning students.

Mrs. Garza, and the fellow winning students.

Gaelle Elias, News Reporter

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Sophomore class Assistant Principle Mrs. Garza has created a new Recognition Initiative program. She is awarding students that have been making good decisions in school. The purpose of this program, “is to recognize our students – not for their academic achievements – but for the correct choices they are making,” said Garza.
Students are recognized for “having perfect attendance, not violating the dress code, always being respectful towards others, being helpful to adults and peers, and always following the school-classroom rules and protocol,” said Garza. She is calling it the “Student Hall of Fame”.
Many of the students display excellent citizenship qualities, but may have not been recognized because not all of them are honor roll recipients. Garza wanted to give them the public recognition that they deserve.
Garza selected the following students as recipients of the first round of “Believe There is GOOD in the World” Wisdom High School awards for 10th graders.
Eduardo Alvares, Janny Molina Sanchez, Carlota Nzen Abeme, Bryan Quintan, Felix Reyes, Vicente Soch, Moises Soriano, Christian R. Vasquez, & Jarely Vidana
The students selected were really happy about the awards. “It was a great honor, we want to thank Mrs. Garza and Mrs. Ford for the awards, and we want to thank the teachers for nominating us,” said Vidana.
Garza is encouraging all of the classes in each grade, to join her in celebrating the outstanding citizenship of their best students.

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Garza Recognizes Outstanding Sophomores