Construction Stalls on Front Entrance Driveway, Guest Parking & Athletic Fields


Wisdom HS News

Construction on the front entrance, driveway, and athletic fields at the new Wisdom High School has not yet started

Ngozi Eko, Giselle Prado, and Alyssa Vazquez

As we are now more than halfway through the school year – our first here in this brand new building – we’ve noticed that there are still many unfinished construction projects within and around our new school. Of most concern is the lack of construction going on to build the athletic fields, driveways, and the visitor parking lot that has yet to begin at the front of our building. Currently, there is just a giant plot of dirt in front of our campus surrounded by a chain link fence, and it has been sitting that way for over two months.
According to the latest information that we have heard from our school administration, the remaining part of the front side construction work will hopefully be completed by sometime in April.
But, the transition work on Unity street will not be finished until over the summer. From around where the gym is all the way to Skyline street will be removed, and it will turn into a parking lot, sidewalk and a bus lane.
Other work on campus that needs to be completed include a panel on the wall in the courtyard that is missing, and the name of our school to be placed on the front facing of the building.

a panel sits on the ground, waiting to be placed on the wall in the courtyard, where it belongs

We recently ran a opinion poll here on our website, for students and staff to weigh in on. We asked “How do you feel about the new Wisdom HS building?” 38% of voters love the fresh, clean look of the school; and 22% miss the old Lee building; while 20% hate the traffic that has been caused by the lack of a driveway, and the problems on Unity street.
As we await the coming construction projects to be finished, we are grateful and excited to see our beautiful campus flourish when it is all said and done.