Wisdom Junior’s Photograph Selected for “Eye on Houston” Exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts

Marcus Gonzales photo River Flow will be featured in an exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Marcus Gonzales

Marcus Gonzales’ photo “River Flow” will be featured in an exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Gaelle Elias, Reporter

When Wisdom High School Journalism teacher David Fanucchi informed the members of his Photography Club that the Houston Museum of Fine Arts was going to be hosting an exhibit featuring the photography work of high school students, junior Marcus Gonzales got pretty excited.
“My mom has always wanted me to become a photographer, and it’s a fun thing to do,” said Gonzales. “You can take pictures of anything and everything, and even travel all over the world. I think it would be a pretty amazing job to have.”
So after taking photos with his mother’s camera at different locations around the city and throughout his daily life for several weeks back in October, Gonzales submitted a few of his favorites to Fanucchi, hoping that one of them might be accepted into the exhibit.
“I thought that he had a good chance of possibly having one of his photos accepted,” said Fanucchi. “Sure enough, when they sent out the notices, his picture of the river flow made the exhibit. The color contrast on the picture is well done and he chose a very nice angle to feature the landscape of that scene.”
The “Eye on Houston” exhibit is already on display at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts (1001 Bissonnet St.) showcasing the work of high school students all throughout Houston ISD.
“It was a process that took a couple days, until I chose the pictures that I thought would be the best,” said Gonzales. “The nature and the color of the sky made me want to take pictures of that scene, and I thought it was the best one I took.”

Junior Marcus Gonzales

“Congratulations to Marcus,” said Museum of Fine Arts Gallery Program Manager Elizabeth Garcia. “It is a wonderful image and we are so happy to include it in our show this year.”
The Exhibit has already started to receive media attention, including this recent article in the Houston Press, which includes the names and high schools of all students featured in the exhibit: http://www.houstonpress.com/arts/preview-mfah-presents-the-23rd-edition-of-eye-on-houston-high-school-documentary-photography-10113104