Congressman John Culberson Pays a Visit to Wisdom; Listens to Student Concerns on Immigration Policy


David Fanucchi

Congressman John Culberson met with students at Wisdom HS on Friday, Jan. 12

David Fanucchi, Media Adviser

The students and staff here at Wisdom High School were pleasantly surprised on Friday, January 12 when Congressman John Culberson stopped by campus to pay a visit. A member of the Texas House of Representatives, Culberson was interested in hearing from a small group of students that had the opportunity to speak with him privately for about 45 minutes.

David Fanucchi
Congressman John Culberson (center) listens to comments regarding immigration policy from a Wisdom HS student

Most of the students that met with Culberson were pre-selected because they are immigrants, have family members who are under the DACA plan, or concerned about Dream Act legislation.
“The student stories were inspiring, and it’s a tremendous help to me to learn these situations first hand, so that we can keep the debate going and keep families together,” Culberson said. “This is how laws get made – your elected officials meet with the people they represent, in order to better understand what is needed, and what they would like us to work on.”
Culberson also toured the brand new campus and checked in on a Biology class, and a Team Teaching classroom of English language learners, and other innovative classroom environments happening at our school.

Houston ISD Board Representative and former Lee High School teacher Anne Sung was also present, as Principal Trinh gave Culberson a tour and introduced him to students. Many of the students are also members of our JROTC program.
“It’s important for high school students to feel like they have a voice,” said Sung. “And we encouraged them all to follow up by writing a personal letter to Mr. Culberson, expressing exactly what their concerns are.”

One student that was selected – Mauricio Guerrero – is a member of the Wisdom UIL Academic Team, and was able to express to Culberson his families’ worried feeling they have with recent immigration issues, and the decisions that President Trump has been making.
“It was a great opportunity to be heard,” Guerrero said. “He was a little vague and indirect on some of his answers, but seem very genuine about his concern for us. On behalf of the student body here, I would like to thank Mr. Culberson for his time.”