In the Locker Room: Basketball Player Awah Bodunrin


Senior Girls Varsity Basketball Captain Awah Budunrin

Alyssa Vazquez, News Editor

We go further and beyond to get to know more about one of our girl’s basketball team members – senior captain Awah Bodunrin.

#Q1: What quote or saying do you take to heart the most?

A: “If you want to achieve it, you must believe you can do it.”

#Q2: What talent that you acquire do you find to be most useful?

A: “My leadership. I’ve always been an independent girl who liked to take charge and it has got me to where I am today. Captain of the basketball team and volleyball, President of the Student Council and vice president of the Senior Committee.”

#Q3: When did something turn out so badly for you, but in the end everything turned out alright?

A: “At the beginning of the season, I was actually thinking of not playing basketball, but then Coach Davis (Athletics Coordinator) gave me some great advice to follow. I had felt I wasn’t good at basketball anymore and that I didn’t want to disappoint the team. She is the one who got me saying the quote above in question 1.”

#Q4: What’s your favorite song at this time?

A: “My favorite song right now is Charlie Wilson “I’m blessed”. I know it’s old, but I like my old school music.”

#Q5: What do you do during your spare time outside of basketball?

A: “Outside of basketball, I work with my committees and council (fundraisers), I babysit my niece and nephew and like any other student, Netflix and chill.”

#Q6: What’s the latest show you’ve been watching or catching up on?

A: “Right now I’m watching Zoo and Luke Cage, two different shows I’m watching now on Netflix.”

#Q7: What do you consider to be the best way to just relax and chill?

A: “Netflix works magic.”

#Q8: At this time, what are you worried about the most?

A: “Nothing. My faith in God keeps me moving.”

#Q9: Do you take into any unusual interests that others many not?

A: “I’m a big fan of Marvel and DC movies. Smallville is my all time favorite show AND I love Lion King. It’s my ringtone.”

#Q10: Do you have any major goals that you want to accomplish at the end of this school year or the year of 2018?

A: “I want to have done something the Lady Generals varsity basketball team that hasn’t been done in awhile. Make it to playoffs and fight for 1st place. Leave a legacy before I leave for college!”