Wisdom JROTC Teaches Cadets About An American Tradition


Wisdom HS News

Sgt. Conrod fills a plate of food for a Wisdom Cadet

David Fanucchi, Media Adviser

When Major Corona and Sargeant Conrod of the Wisdom JROTC decided to plan a Thanksgiving Feast for their officers and cadets, there was more to it than just trying to feed them a meal. After all, the students receive free lunch provided by Houston ISD every day.
Wisdom HS News
No, this event was about teaching many of their freshman and sophomore cadets about an American tradition here in the United States – the Thanksgiving meal. With a huge population of immigrant students, many of them are not aware of what Thanksgiving means to the American public, why we sit down and have a huge meal on that Thursday, or even why they are being given the week off from school.
“This is to show our cadets what a traditional Thanksgiving in America is like, and to help them understand that it is a time to be thankful for what you have,” said JROTC Clerk Maria Del Mar Sanchez, a 2016 graduate of Wisdom. “We also wanted to let them know that we appreciate them for supporting the ROTC, and that we care about them as students.”
Wisdom HS News
To the surprise of many staff members and teachers on campus, it was not known that students from other countries that have not been here in Texas for very long, do not celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.
“They might not understand the American traditions right away, so it takes them a few years, before they come around and start having a family gathering on that day,” said Corona. “We want them to know that it is a day for their family to celebrate, and to be thankful.”
Gustavo Silva – the Executive Officer for Bravo Company – is from Honduras. “I really like the concept, to give thanks for what you have and your family comes together,” said Silva. “We had never done that before, but now we do it at my house and it’s very fun.”