BBVA Compass Hosts Young Ladies of Wisdom at Women’s Conference


Young Women’s Leadership Program

Alyssa Vazquez, News Editor

On Thursday, November 9th, The Junior Achievement – BBVA Young Women’s Conference was held.  The women that work for the BBVA, were on a panel to give professional and personal information to our young female students here at Wisdom.
All of the women who attended this conference fell in love with every amazing point they made. They, the panel of women, talked about the costs of a family vacation, their education cost, working while attending college, and as well as creditors invading their territory.
The panel of BBVA women spoke to our students about being careful of creditors trying to get them to open up credit cards, to also beware of what they post on social media and to be a very dedicated hard worker for whatever profession they choose, so in other words, “Be a team player and always communicate with your employers and co-workers.”
Also, our young women got a chance to meet three of the players from the Houston Dash Soccer Team. One of Mrs. Taylor’s students – Delly Sapon – won 4 tickets to the Dash game that was played that night!