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Introducing Three New Teachers at Wisdom: Mr. Jacob; Mr. Mack, and Ms. Sokoloff

Mr. Jacob, Mr. Mack, and Ms. Sokoloff

Mr. Jacob, Mr. Mack, and Ms. Sokoloff

Cristal Cazares, Marco Lainez, and Alisson Mejia, News Reporters

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Mr. Jack Jacob is the new Physics teacher here at Wisdom High, he attended the University of Houston – (College of Engineering) as a Post-doctoral research fellow and has also studied nano-particle transport in porous systems. During his spare time he loves to read Sci-Fi fantasy books and is into photography. He loves the support he gets from the teacher staff here and the attitudes among many of his several students. He has a lovely wife who teaches Special Ed and has two wonderful daughters.

“I hope I can help students who inspire to become future scientists and engineers to fulfill their dreams,” said Jacob.

Mr. Earl Mack is the new Biology teacher here at our school, he attended University of North Florida in Jacksonville and the U.S Army War College. He is a retired Army Colonel and previously held teaching positions at Socorro High School in El Paso, Texas. He loves the diversity here at the school and the many opportunities for future generations. His hobbies are to dance and read self-help books. He loves to live his life to the fullest and always tends to have a positive outlook at everything.

“I have a dream to make sure that many of the future generations to come will always maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle,” shares Mack.

Ms. Kayla Sokoloff is the new World History teacher here at our school. Ms. Sokoloff graduated from John Foster Dulles High School in Missouri City and attended the University of Texas at Austin. She’s most excited this year to get to know the students here and truly become a part of the Wisdom community. She enjoys to read, spend time with friends, and take spin classes during her free time. She used to live and work in Washington, D.C. for two years until moving to Houston.

“My hope is to have a truly meaningful impact in the lives of my students,” said Sokoloff.

A warm-welcome is sent out to these new teachers. We are happy to have you!

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Introducing Three New Teachers at Wisdom: Mr. Jacob; Mr. Mack, and Ms. Sokoloff