Linked Learning Teams Embark on the Road to Success


Kayla Sokoloff

Linked Learning Group

Alyssa Vazquez, News Editor

This past Friday, November 10th was the kick off for Linked Learning. This event took place during 8th period in the library where several students were chosen to embark on this educational journey of success. All four grade levels have a team where each have their own grade level project to work on as one team.

For the 9th grade team they will be working on creating a bio-dome where it will illustrate the majority of the physical features being needed in such an apocalyptic world, calling it “Escaping the Virus”!

The 10th grade team will be constructing a settlement in Mars so they can express that even life can be sustained in other planets, besides our own.

For the 11th grade team, they will be creating a hover board using certain resources while the 12th grade team will be using recycled items to form a new product which they call “Trash into Treasure.”

“These projects are very educational, because they bridge up all of the courses that they learn,” said Mr. Shauberger. “It helps them plan to design and collaborate with others in the world, and that can only bring a positive outcome for their future.”