Cheerleaders & Starlettes Add New Members to Their Teams

Several of the students that tried out for our cheerleading team


Several of the students that tried out for our cheerleading team

Ngozi Eko, News Reporter

“My Perspective” – By Cheerleader Ngozi Eko

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out and become a Wisdom cheerleader. The first day of tryouts was a little nerve-wracking at first, but after a while it went well.
It felt good to be back in tryouts, because I felt I was learning new material that can help me become a better cheerleader.
The practicing went on for three days, and we learned new cheers and chants. Even though I’ve been a cheerleader for three years, I was still nervous, especially when other people are watching and observing your every move.
After all that hard work, I officially became part of this year’s cheerleading team, and I’m glad that I made it!

Here are the newest members of the 2017-18 Wisdom HS Cheerleading Team:
Ngozi Eko
Katia Rico
Jaqueline Gonzales
Brendalyne Stephens
Shaira Miranda
Crystal Olvera

They were added to the existing team of cheerleaders that started the year:
Captain-Sarah Davis
Co-Captain-Jailene Romero
Laisha Rocquemore
Abbygail Gonzales
Brittney Reyes
Carmen Hererra
Jessica Roman
Ana Romero
Vilma Figueroa

Meanwhile, the Starlettes Dance Team also added some new members to their squad:

New Members
D’Asia Howard
Caelin Latimer
Yesica Pineda
Giana Lopez
Deariel Bell
Yanely Sanchez
Francisca Pena
Hailey Sandoval
Kimora Walker

They were added to the existing team of Starlettes that started the year:
Captain- Jessikiya Hampton
1st Lieutenant- Chynah Mosquera
2nd Lieutenant- Yesenia Pineda
Jeramy Achico
Sofia Murillo
Lesley Garcia
Blanca Salazar