Introducing Three More New Teachers: Sanchez, Memnon & Blansit

Jennifer Sanchez, Tamika Memnon, and Kerstin Blansit.

Jennifer Sanchez, Tamika Memnon, and Kerstin Blansit.

Alyssa Vazquez, News Editor

Ms. Jennifer Sanchez is the new Principles of Business teacher who graduated from Daingerfield High School in Daingerfield, TX and she also attended Texas A&M in College Station. Wisdom is her first school to teach at, but she used to be a SAHM. She’s most excited this year to build relationships with all of her students and finish her first year as a teacher. “My goals for the future are to watch my boys grow up, change students’ lives and become a foster parent.” She loves to spend time with her sons, crochet and does a little bit of couponing. She’s a huge Selena Quintanilla fan, and at one time wanted to become a lawyer.

Ms. Tamika Memnon is the new Special Education PSL teacher at Wisdom High School. She graduated from Dulles High School in Sugar Land and attended Stephen F. Austin State University. She previously used to work at T.H. Rogers High School in Houston. What she is most excited for this year is to meet new people (like her students and their parents) but most of all to watch the students grow. Ms. Memnon was born in Frankfurt, Germany but her parents are from Haiti and Trinidad. Some of her hobbies are to read, cook, dance, and travel the world. “My dreams are to travel to as many different cities and countries as possible. My goals are to reach and teach as many as I can.”

Ms. Kerstin Blansit is the new English II teacher at Wisdom. She graduated from Foster High School in Richmond, TX and attended the University of Houston. She used to previously work at Dickinson Elementary in Sugarland. She’s most excited this year to see her wonderful children every day and watch them grow over time to learn how to be successful. “I want to teach young people for the next 40 years in hopes of at least having an impact on a few, if not all, of their lives.” Some of her hobbies are to read and either watch Netflix or HBO and she loves to walk through the woods during the Fall and Spring time. If she wasn’t an English II teacher, she would have been an Art teacher instead.