Wisdom Students Enjoying our Brand New Campus!

Cristal Cazares, Marco Lainez, and Alisson Mejia, News Reporters

We recently asked some Generals about their opinions of the new building we have been provided with for Wisdom High!

Victor Alejandro Cucufate Torres- 10th Grade

“My favorite parts of this new building are the gym and being in band class. The old building had three floors but now we only have a two-story school. I really like the different neighborhoods for each grade level, with different colors like red, yellow, green, and a blue to represent them. This new building also came with a better looking cafeteria and great food.”

Brayan Gutierez- 10th Grade

“My favorite parts of the new building are the gym and the auditorium. Some differences would be that we have different areas for everyone to go to for their classes, and we now have these nice, new seating areas to use in every neighborhood.”

Cesar Merida- 12th Grade

“My opinion about the new school is that the cafeteria is much bigger and the food improvements give us more variety compared to last year. The library is also better equipped with what students may need training for to get jobs.”

Diana Herrera- 12th Grade

“I like the new school very much since the auditorium is now bigger and all of the seats are more comfortable to sit on, which is useful when you want to work in a calm setting. This building also has much more space compared to the previous school.”

Andrea Dominguez-11th Grade

“The new school gives us a better environment for learning, and is more favorable to all students. Everyone can now make the most of their studies.”