New Teachers: Lam, Martin, Dulaney Smith


Wisdom HS News

Britteny Martin, Karen Dulaney Smith, and Paulina Lam

Alyssa Vazquez, News Editor

Ms. Paulina Lam is the new English I teacher that graduated from Mansfield High School in Mansfield, TX.  She attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. where she got a Master’s degree in journalism and has worked as a writer in NYC, but she also interned at the United Nations and NASA.  Her previous position was at KIPP Generation last year in Northside. She’s most excited to kick off the year with her Key Club service organization at our school and make a difference alongside the student leaders we have here. During her spare time, she likes to play the piano, volunteer to take care of shelter cats and restock books at the public library. “I would like to inspire as many students to reach their potential in my teaching career as possible.”

Ms. Karen Dulaney Smith is the new ELA teacher that graduated from Belton High School in Belton, TX. She also attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. She previously used to work as a consultant in a narrow area of labor law compliance. Some of her hobbies out of school are to read, run, and to visit her friends and family. “I’m living the dream but I do have a decade bucket list.” She’s the mother of two wonderful children who are the ages of 17 and 21 and has spent majority of her adult life living in Austin, TX.

Ms. Britteny Martin is the new Special Education Life Skills 12th Grade teacher at our school who graduated from Atascocita High School in Atascocita. She attended Texas Teachers in Houston during her college life. She used to previously work at Navarro Middle School as a 10th grade Life Skills teacher. She’s most excited this year to return to Wisdom and begin CBVI trips with her students in hopes of landing them job placements. “My goal is to continue within the special education field and become a transition coach and from there a special education specialist.” Some of her hobbies out of school include shopping with spare time or not and she also loves traveling and spending time with her family. She enjoys dancing so she can keep up with the latest dance trends and she’s a huge adrenaline junkie. Taking risks and living life to its full potential is her thing.