Generals Kick Off Season with Inspirational Wristband Sale; Coach Tinsley Names 33 Players to Varsity Roster


David Fanucchi

Coach Perez and Senior Defensive Lineman Chris Basilobo show off the football team’s inspirational wrist bands that are for sale for $3.00

David Fanucchi, Media Adviser

The 2017 Football Season is finally here. After a two-week delay, the Wisdom Generals open the season on Friday night, Sept. 15 when they take on Madison at 7 pm at Butler Stadium.
“Throughout the last couple of weeks, Houston and its surroundings cities have seen devastation due to Hurricane Harvey. However, through the pain and loss we have seen people come together as one, and come together strong,” said Assistant Football Coach Alfonso Perez.
“We would like do the same throughout our entire school; Come together as one, Come together strong! With that, we will be selling wristbands all season, with the logo #D2RDD. It means ‘Determined to Represent Discipline and Dedication’.
The wristbands are: $3.00, or you can get two for $5.00 or they are just $2.00 each if you purchase 10 or more.
“Let’s get these wrist bands out there to create a sense of unity and togetherness here at Wisdom High School,” said Head Coach Jacque Tinsley. “Remember these wrist bands not only represent discipline and dedication, but also represent our ability as a High School to defeat division among class mates.”

Tinsley announced his 33-man varsity roster today, in advance of tonight’s game:


1. Jamare Hervey Jr RB/QB 2
2. Theron Alexander Sr LB/DE 3
3. Jaylon Thomas Sr QB 5
4. Shawn Johnson Jr RB 6
5. Davion Calhoun So WR 7
6. Darryl Pruit Jr DB 8
7. Edgar Barroso So QB/DB 10
8. Richard Singeyaremye Sr WR/S 11
9. Dominique Hatungimana Sr RB/RB 12
10. John Rai So K 14
11. Shamar Dillon Jr LB/TE 15
12. Denzel Smith So FS 16
13. Arthur Miller Jr DB 17
14. Andre Sadler Sr DE/RB 22
15. Steve Quintanilla Sr S 25
16. Fiston Tuyisengo Sr S 26
17. Giovanni Roman So FB/DT 45
18. Jayden McClellan So C 52
19. Alantis Abbot Sr DT 53
20. Echols Iyengunmwena So LB 55
21. Fabrice Abangya Sr LB 59
22. Miguel Villa Jr G 60
23. Ezechial Mukule Sr C/DT 66
24. Keith O’Neil Jr. So DT/OL 70
25. Demoy Willock So OT 72
26. Jesus Pacheco So DT/OL 76
27. Edwin Caceres Jr OL/DT 77
28. Darius Sanders Sr G 78
29. James Santana Sr OT 79
30. Chris Escalante Sr TE 81
31. Arsel Mwelwa Jr WR/K 88
32. Shawn Richardson Jr DE 90
33. Octavio Montes Jr DT 99