What is with the Chicken Coop in our Courtyard?


Dave Fanucchi

Our Linked Learning Chicken Coop sits in the Courtyard

Stephanie Salazar, Reporter

Here at Wisdom High School, there are many different aspects to what makes our school what it is today. The ninth grade Linked Learning group has taken on a project of nurturing chicken eggs until they have grown into full on adult chickens.
The students have teamed up with Mr. Garza, Ms. Li, and Mrs. Greene to build and maintain a chicken coop right here on the Wisdom campus.
“We want our students to be involved in things as much as possible, and we knew that a project like this would be a great way to accomplish that,” said Mrs. Greene.
The construction and architecture students, along with the teachers, were able to create the chicken coop that protects the chickens from danger. It is located near the back corner of the courtyard.
So, when you head outside and walk towards the back parking lot at the end of the day, wave goodbye to our new baby chickens. There is no word yet on whether any of them have names.