Barnett Joins Wisdom Staff to Lead Class of 2019


David Fanucchi

Mrs. Barnett is the new Guidance Counselor for the WHS Class of 2019

Rehema Nyandwi, Reporter

At Wisdom High School, we are very proud to get new staff members that come to our school and work with us. One of the newest is Mrs. Esmeralda Barnett – a guidance counselor who is originally from from Mexico. She graduated from Colegio Morelos high school and Universidad Intercontinental, and will be working with the Class of 2019 (current sophomores) here on our campus.
“I am just thrilled to be working with the wonderful people who are ready to teach these students,” said Barnett. “I look forward to every day in which I get to come to work, and I have become fast friends with several of my co-workers in such a such short amount of time.”
In life, there are hobbies that people like and enjoy with friends and family members or by themselves during their spare time.
“I enjoy kickboxing and hot yoga, and I love to spend time with friends and family,” said Barnett. “I also love to travel around the world, so I am always planning my next trip. Traveling is my therapy.”
Barnett also hopes to earn a PHD in counseling some day. “I try to work hard in the present to live the kind of life I want to live every day, and I believe that your reality is the outcome of your thoughts.”