Top Juniors and Seniors Visit Texas A&M

Stephanie Salazar, Reporter

On Friday, March 3rd, students had the opportunity to gain a visual insight of college life by visiting the Texas A&M Campus located at the College Station. Texas A&M offers many interesting courses, and students learned more about the history of the University. Military officers were visible all around campus, revealing that a student interested in joining the military can be a part of the strong military organization within the campus. The trip was a time to observe and take note of what the future holds for upcoming high school graduates.

Mr. Rodriguez from the College Center talked about many traditions at A&M and discussed his experience while attending. He gave a helpful insight to those interested in becoming a part of the Texas A&M community. The tour of the campus allowed students to view many monumental buildings and statues.

Sedrah Jamal, the 2nd period News Editor for, shared her experience of the trip. “The trip was a great opportunity and gave me better knowledge of a college environment,” Jamal said. “It was a total eye opener to the way a college operates. I learned about so many traditions and customs; it was very interesting.”

The trip was a moment to reflect on what students would be likely to encounter once they began the college process. Hopefully the trip inspired students to become future Aggies!