GameSalad Adds Fun to Computer Science Course


B. Gopannan

Rehema Nyandwi, Reporter

Mr. Trinh recently introduced an idea; he decided to incorporate a program called GameSalad into the Computer Science learning environment. It is a program that allows students to build creative video games, and our students in Ms. Gopannan’s Computer Science class have begun using this tool to help ESL students as well.
“This new innovation allows all students to interact and grow a stronger love for Computer Science,” said Trinh.
ESL students found the game program difficult to use, because they at first unaware of such technology, but they still have had fun learning.
“The kids are being introduced to the programming part of Computer Science,” Gopannan said. “We wanted to take a turn and make things interesting, so we created a game for students to have fun and enjoy the experience.”
GameSalad first took part in our Computer Science course in December, and will be available for the rest of the school year. About five games have already been added to the program, and the games “Fruit Fall” and “Monster Maze” are in progress.
“At first, the students didn’t understand the concept when I taught it to them,” Gopannan said. “But when I started to post helpful videos on the HUB and they followed exactly what the video was showing them, it expanded their knowledge. The videos were very useful especially because we have a lot of non-English speakers.”