CTE Students Build Mobile Supply Cart Shop; Now Open For Business


Zohaib Malik, Reporter

Students Charly Lopez and Guadalupe Mora are starting a mobile school supply shop in the cafeteria, for students who need to pick up last minute supplies. They will be selling things such as glue, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, notebooks, and more, helping students be more ready to learn.
Prices will be affordable, with lower rates than most stores. Ms. Greene and Ms. Smith are supervising the operation, and they plan to open the shop on Monday, February 20.
They will be selling in the morning during breakfast time, as well some lunch periods based on their schedules.

“So many students do not have enough supplies when they come to school, so we built a mobile cart that they can purchase things from, and we can move it around to different areas of campus,” said Lopez. “These supplies will be affordable for everyone.” said Lopez.