Students of the Month Named For January 2017

Students of the Month Named For January 2017

Student of the Month – Science: Jackie Cabrera

Jackie Cabrera – a senior here at Wisdom – has been selected as the Science Student of the Month. Cabrera was born and raised in Houston and has attended Wisdom since 9th grade. “One thing that motivates me to do well in AP biology is that it’s the only credit I need to graduate. I also like that my AP biology Teacher Ms. James, allows us to work in groups and any help that I need I know I can count on her,” said Cabrera. As many of the goals for students in the 12th grade, Cabrera also hopes to graduate high school and go to UH Downtown. “My main dream is to be a doctor and I am not going to give up on that dream,” said Cabrera.

Student of the Month – English: Cristal Guerrero

Cristal Guerrero has been named the Reading Student of the Month. Guerrero was born in Mexico and attended Jane Long Middle School before transitioning to high school. “Ms. Thornhill motivates me to do well in Reading and I have to be able to read well to become successful in life,” said Guerrero. Guerrero enjoys reading because she learns something new every day, as her skills have developed, she has started to understand things much better. “My dreams and goals for the future are to become successful in whatever I choose to do. I want to make my parents and teachers proud and also give my parents what they never had a chance to get in life.”

Student of the Month – Journalism: Samantha Diaz

Samantha Diaz has been selected as the Journalism Student of the Month. A junior who is originally from Hempstead, New York, she recently transferred to our school from Cypress Ridge High School in Cy-Fair ISD. What motivates her to so well in journalism is her love for reading books and writing. “Journalism is very interesting and knowing that people read your work is very self-satisfying.”In the future, Samantha hopes to become an author and publish her own books. “I want my future work to be read by thousands of people.” Diaz also loves anime & manga.

Student of the Month – Math: Ethan Song

It is with honor to announce that Ethan Song has been selected as the Math Student of the Month for January 2017. The sophomore was born and raised in Houston and attended Mickey Leland College Preparatory for Young Men for all of middle school and the 9th grade. Song’s passion for math comes with motivation. “I took a liking towards mathematics at an early age,” said Song. “My passion only grew with time. My motivation lies in my desire to immerse myself in mathematics, and have new understandings of unimaginable concepts.”

Song enjoys his time in his pre-calculus class and describes what he likes most about it. “I think my favorite aspect of my pre-calculus class would be the fact that it’s a stepping stone to a more rigorous, deeper class: calculus.” In the future, Song hopes to become a mathematician. “I hope to attend a top-tier school and to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics as well as a degree in legal studies. If I’m not a mathematician, then I would like to become a lawyer.”

Song has a hidden talent, and that is solving the Rubik’s cube. He can solve six different versions of the Rubik’s cubes, including the normal 3×3, as well as the larger version; the 4×4.

Student of the Month – History: Michele Sorto

Student of the Month Award for History goes to 10th grader Michele Sorto. Originally from from Long Island, New York, she attended Paul Revere Middle School. Sorto is motivated by free education and that’s what makes her shine in her history class. Her favorite subject is history because she loves to learn about the past and loves the way Ms. Tovar teaches it. “My dream goal is to become a lawyer and graduate from Sam Houston State University,” said Sorto. She is very dedicated to reaching her goals no matter what obstacles may come her way.

David Fanucchi
M. Sorto

Student of the Month – ELL: Beatreis Cespedes Rosales

Beatreis Cespedes Rosales was chosen to be Student of the Month of January 2017 for English Language. She’s a freshman at Margaret Long Wisdom High School. Her and her parents are from Cuba. She attended school in Matanzas, Cuba at ESBU “Generaccion del Centenario”, then she attended IPVCE Carlos Marx. What motivates Beatreis to do well in English class and as a student is overcoming herself, and reach her dreams and goals.

What she likes most about English class is to learn a new language and use it when is necessary. Her goals and dreams for the future is to speak English fluently and to be a doctor, she wants to save people lives. An interesting fact about Beatreis is that she likes to always give her best effort in everything she does and more when it comes to her studies, exactly for overcoming herself.

Athlete of the Month: Nohamin Tekele

Nohamin Tekele was born in Ethiopia. Before attending Wisdom High School, she went to Paul Revere Middle School where she first started to play on a soccer team. Tekele was excited to hear that she had been chosen as the Student Athlete of the Month. “I feel so blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to play for the soccer team,” said Tekele. She loves Coach Carrillo’s coaching skills, because she gets motivated to play and also learns new tactics to use on the soccer field, and she loves practicing with her teammates because she gets to help create better team chemistry and communication among her teammates.
Tekele’s plan for the future is to develop good skills and a talent for her career in Professional Soccer. She has dedicated her time and strength to her team, and she is grateful to have such great soccer talent. “No matter the circumstances that are thrown at me, I will continue to strive forward.”

Erick Poz
Tekele is #10