Eyes on the Goal; with Senior Abel Garcia


Yonathan Funes

Senior Abel Garcia leads the first place Wisdom Generals in goals scored.

Abraham Rangel and Keven Romero

Abel Garcia is the top goal scorer for the Wisdom Generals Boys Varsity soccer team, which has gotten off to a 6-0 start in district 24-5A this season. Garcia feels motivated and is happy about his accomplishments.
“I’m very proud of myself and the way I’ve played so far this year,” said Garcia. “I never thought I could do this well just by putting in hard work and giving it all I can in the field, but I also couldn’t do this without the help of my teammates.”
Garcia is dedicated to the team and their goal of winning the district title again this year. He gives 100% when he is on the field. According to Coach Fidel Andrade, Garcia is one of the best players on the team. “He is the most secure, responsible, and coachable player there is on the field every day,” said Andrade.
Garcia has high hopes for this year’s outcome. “If we keep doing what we have to do, we might be able to get to state,” said Garcia. “We’ll see how things end up throughout the remainder of season.”
We salute our fellow General and wish him the best.