In Remembrance: Mr. Untorio Jones “A Tremendous Loss”

The entire staff and student community here at Wisdom High School is mourning over the loss of one of our own, after we learned that Mr. Untorio Jones passed away over the holiday break. Known around campus simply as “Jones”, he will be remembered fondly here by the Lee High School alumni and current Wisdom faculty as a genuine, caring soul and a great friend.
Mr. Jones was a Special Education Assistant who showed up every day with a smile on his face, waiting near the bus parking zone to help escort his students into the school building.
“He was the best man I’ve known in a long time. He just loved his kids, and the students he worked with here,” said Mr. Skaggs, who teaches Special Education Life Skills. “He didn’t care about what other people thought, because his whole world was about taking care of the students he was responsible for – and not only the special education kids, but all the students at Wisdom who knew him.”
In an address to the faculty, Principal Trinh explained how not having Mr. Jones will leave a huge void on our campus. “He would interact with so many students, and he was all about doing good things,” said Trinh. “This is a tremendous loss for us, and I can’t even begin to think about how we are going to replace him. He is going to be deeply missed, and our condolences go out to his entire family.”
During his time here at Lee/Wisdom and in previous positions within Houston ISD, there was no doubt about the impact Jones had on people in this community. The evidence showed when an enormous crowd recently gathered at the Homegoing Celebration of his life.
Counselors from Houston ISD are on campus this week to speak with students or faculty members who are having a difficult time and are grieving.