Skaggs wins Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest with Incredible Performance


David Fanucchi

Mr. Skaggs and his incredibly ugly sweater

Marcos Cervantes

The staff of hosted an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest” on Wednesday December 14, as part of the Faculty Christmas Party Luncheon, presented by Mr. Trinh. Student reporters Zaira Alvarado and Natalie Miranda served as the judges, while Mr. Fanucchi emceed the contest.
The contest was held in the school library and the contenders had a chance to win in three different categories. Mrs. Delpha-Brashear won for “Most Blingy” outfit, when she wore a green sweater with lights and tinsel. Mrs. Reynolds took home the “Most Original” award by wearing a pink sweater that she had painted a picture on of Santa and Mrs. Claus back in the 90’s. And Mr. D’Amico wore the “Ugliest Sweater” – a red and green classic that featured a reindeer with sunglasses. D’Amico also wore some white claw slippers to add to his look.
However, it was Mr. Skaggs who was crowned the “Overall Champion” of the day, by wearing an incredibly ugly and “unique” sweater, that he must have pulled out of a box in his attic that was from the 1970’s. It had three kitchen pot warmers attached to it with safety pins, some twine draped across the front, and some red ribbon used as a belt. In addition, he wore some ugly, brown earmuffs with snowflakes on them, and some deer antlers as well. It was a one-of-a-kind creation that will go down in history as one of the ugliest things we’ve ever witnessed here at Wisdom HS.
“I had no doubt that I was going to win,” said Skaggs. “I was planning on wearing the plain ugly sweater, but my daughter had the ideas to make it even uglier. At first, I was disappointed because my name wasn’t called for any of the categories. But then suddenly Mr. Fanucchi called out that I was the Overall Champion, and that was cool.”
It seems like the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest added some entertainment to the Faculty Christmas Party, and was a big success, with many teachers participating and everyone having a great time.