Umanzor Named Volleyball Team MVP


David Fanucchi

Umanzor (left) was named the 2016 Varsity Volleyball Team’s Most Valuable Player

Uriel Noyola, Reporter

The Volleyball Team Season Awards Banquet was held on Friday evening, December 9, as Coach Dunn, Coach Conrod and Coach Corona had their Presentation of Awards in the library.
For the Varsity, Dunn named junior Jackeline Umanzor the team’s Most Valuable Player. “I am extremely excited about the team we will have coming back next year,” said Dunn. “With Jackeline leading the way, she had a tremendous year as a junior, so we will be very competitive.”
Vanessa Villatoro was given the Sportsmanship Award, while Cindy Garcia was the Defensive Player of the Year, and Awah Boudurin was the Offensive Player of the Year. Vanessa Collazo was the Most Improved Player.
For the JV team, Galdys Marcucci was named this season’s Most Valuable Player, by coaches Corona and Conrod.