You Can Be Magali’s Hero by Donating White Blood Cells


David Fanucchi

Magali Ramirez is fighting for her life at the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital

Staff Reports

There is no doubt that the students, staff and JROTC here at Wisdom have been extremely supportive of our fellow General in need Magali Ramirez, during her battle with cancer. We have held numerous blood drives and showered her with gifts and support throughout her fight.
But as she continues to battle, she has now encountered a serious setback. She is currently being treated very aggressively for Acute Myeloid Leukemia and, has developed a very dangerous Fungal Infection. Magali is fighting for her life with every breath she takes, and once again – she desperately needs our help. So, it is up to us to rise up and give her our best effort.
Due to her current condition, Magali is unable to produce white blood cells right now, also known as Leukocytes. These cells are responsible for strengthening your immune system, and since Magali cannot produce these cells on her own, she runs the risk of contracting any disease very easily.
However, you can be of so much help to her just by donating some white blood cells of your own. You can make an appointment to donate at if your are 18 years of age or older, and they will give you a physical exam to make sure you are qualified to donate. Because the cells only last 48 hours, your white blood cells are then immediately donated to Magali to help with her recovery.
This is your chance to give back and help a fellow friend in need, during the holiday season. Even if you don’t know Magali personally, it is an opportunity to help a young lady who is fighting for her life.