New Student of the Week: Erlyn Moliner of Jamaica

Marcos Cervantes, Reporter

New students make a surprise appearance every school year, and one of the newcomers this year is Erlyn Moliner. Moliner is a Mayan student and was born in Jamaica. Moliner attended Ardenne High School in Kingston, prior to coming to America.

“I am very excited about entering Wisdom High School,” said Moliner. “It’s the first school I’ve been to since arriving in the United States.” In her free time, Moliner enjoys learning, listening to others opinions, drawing, and talking to her friends. She also doesn’t mind having some fun by going to parties, but some of her favorite things to do are going to museums and galleries. “I love and appreciate art,” Moliner says. Her favorite subjects include Math and Biology.

“My dreams for the future are to become a doctor and start a beautiful family,” said Moliner. With hard work and dedication, Moliner’s goals and aspirations will become a reality. We welcome her to Wisdom!