Cast of “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” Puts on a Great Show

The Theater Arts group.

Mr. Linsey

The Theater Arts group.

The Theater Arts production of “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” held on November 17 & 18 was a success. The play was interesting because it had a very diverse cast, and in the end, the audience was clapping for the act.

During practice that was held after school, the cast worked at peace and respected each other. This allowed them to work really hard and put on an amazing show.

“The thing I really liked about the play was the fact that it was a very diverse play; we don’t discriminate people. Anybody can play the roles, it’s really easy,” said Mr. Linsey, Wisdom HS Theater Arts Instructor.

The President of the Theater Arts Club Yzhbl David expressed how excited she was about the play and also pointed out that it was a lot of work to be the one to keep the theater organized. She also mentioned that she played three characters: The Fat Prince, a peasant woman, and the second lawyer. “The hard part is getting into the character of the three different personalities,” said David.

“The play was a win,” said Linsey. “Everybody was happy because they felt like they had accomplished something. Others felt a little sad because it was over, but you know what they say: every good show has to come to an end.”

Jasmine Jones, a member of the cast, shared her experience behind the scenes of the play. “It was really fun working with the other members,” said Jones. “Some of us took some time to learn the lines, but eventually everything came out great.”

Thank you to everybody who came out to support the Theater Arts group and watched the play!