A Sneak Preview (Video) of the NEW Wisdom HS Building & Campus

The creation of our brand new, digital-age school building is big news around here, and we all have witnessed the amazing work that has been going on behind us. So, needless to say, many students and teachers are excited to get a sneak peek at how our state-of-the-art, new HISD campus will look.
The workers goal is to finish the new building by March, but that is not a definite thing because they also have to demolish the old building. The demolition of the old building will probably not happen until the summer, because there are other things to accomplish first, such as removing all of the desks, chairs, and other furniture in the old building. It is a long process but it will give the students, teachers and staff an incredible, new beginning and an opportunity to learn in the best possible environment.
The only problem the workers have faced so far is the weather, because during constructions the new building has had some parts still opened to the air, and when it rains the water gets in. So the cleanup process takes some time.
But most of the new building it is already closed, so now the rain does not have an impact on construction. The heavy raining might have slowed down the workers, but they have made up for lost time and are continuing to move forward with the construction on schedule.
“They are doing a great job, it’s a fantastic company and they are doing their best to stay on schedule since the day they got here,” said Mr. Mata. “They’ve been in the mindset that they are making something great for the students here at Wisdom, it is not just a job for them – it’s like a mission that they are on to finish.”
There will be no summer programs next year on our campus due to the demolition of this old building. Teachers will start again in early August and there will be tutors for students to learn about the new campus, before classes officially begin again in Mid-August.

Video Provided by Mr. Mata; Produced by Yonathan Funes