Taking the PSAT is Great Preparation for the Big Day

Stephanie Salazar, Reporter

On October 19, students in grades 9-11 had to take the PSAT. Taking the PSAT means having a better understanding of where you stand as of now and what steps are necessary to improve your SAT score.

For us juniors, taking the PSAT gives us a sense of reality that the date is fast approaching. Time is running out and it’s beginning to set in that the SAT is only months away. April is the day where we will either fail or succeed.

Speaking on behalf of all juniors, I find that the stress is at an all-time high during this time. To better prepare for the test in April, it’s best to take the time to practice and fully develop SAT test taking skills and take advantage of the interval we have left before the big date.

You may ask yourself, why is the SAT test so important? Your SAT score could be the difference between getting into your dream college or settling for another one, because your options weren’t very good. For many of us juniors, that vision of going to college is extremely important. We must try our hardest to score well on the upcoming SAT, in order to have more choices as to which universities we will be able to apply to. Take advantage of your time and use all the resources and tools offered to you, to make the best of this upcoming test in April!