Physics Students Build Amazing Bridges out of Sticks and Glue


Wisdom HS Media

Christopher Basilwabo shows his bridge to journalism students who judged the competition.

Ahsan Ali, Reporter

Physics students in Ms. Rahman and Mr. Almonte’s classes recently worked on a new and interesting project. Students created a type of bridge using Popsicle sticks, glue, and wax paper. As simple as it may sound, the bridge building process actually took time and concentration.

One team of students consisted of members Irving Lozano, Nichole Green, and Orbright M., and they provided their input on the project.

“We all worked together on our bridge project and it took us about a week to finish,” said Green. “Our model is the Warren (with verticals) Bridge, which is located in Boston. It was an enjoyable experience.”

“HISD is providing a global education that prepares students for the real world,” said Ms. Rahman. “Project-based learning allows the students to understand a concept and brings discussion to a classroom. Building and modeling demonstrates real-life scenarios and gives the opportunity to be able to work in teams and be excellent communicators.”

After the competition was over, Ms. Rahman reported that most of the bridges held a mass of more than 40 kg. Mr. Fanucchi’s news reporters for and his journalism students judged the competition that was held in the library each class period, on October 27 & 28.

Honorable mentions in Rahman’s class went to the following students:

Irving Lozano, Nichole Green, Orbright Mukandutiye, Jessel Gamez, Sergio Murillo, Esther Abisama, Ana Padiluse, Andres R Calijau, Osvaldo Yax Garcia, Deimy Gutierrez, Aja Richardson, Chynah Mosquera, and Nohamin Tekele. And a special mention went to Christopher Basiluabo Kutshi, who went to Walmart at 6 am to get his supplies.