New Student of the Week: Marvin Diaz from El Salvador


David Fanucchi

Freshman Marvin Diaz is from El Salvador

Alexandra Rubio , Reporter

Freshman Marvin Diaz is our New Student of the Week. Diaz previously attended St. Lucia School, which is located in El Salvador. As a newcomer to America, everything is different for Diaz. He’s learning a new language and making new friends. This is his first week here at Wisdom HS.

“The most exciting thing about attending a new school is meeting new teachers,” said Diaz. “It’s also thrilling to learn in a different way from how I used to learn.”

In his free time, Diaz likes to listen to music, read books, and spend time with family and friends. Some of his favorite subjects include Science, Math and Spanish.

Diaz hopes to become a doctor in the future. He loves helping people and thinks pursuing a medical career will give him the skills to help those most in need. “By working hard and with God’s help, I will fulfill my dream,” said Diaz.