Class of 2017 Names Senior Committee Members


Keven Romero

President Kaleab Haile and other members of the Senior Committee.

Zaira Alvarado, Reporter

In previous years, the Senior Committee has been directed by Mr. Garza, Ms. Thornhill and Mrs. Forsmann, but this year it was decided that Mrs. Greene will be in charge. There will be lots of changes and exciting events for the first class of seniors at Wisdom High School.
On October 19, we had our first meeting with Mrs. Greene and discussed fundraising, senior trips, events, and shirt designs. We’re currently talking about budgeting, in order to do all of these fun plans we have for the Class of 2017, so stay tuned!

Here are the Class Officers:
President: Kaleab Haile

Vice President: Yasameen Alshaarbaf

Secretary: Rosangela Sosa

Treasurer: Zaira Alvarado

Public Relations and Resources: Rebeca Ramirez

Senior Class Student Leadership and Advisory Chairman: Yashwanth Reddy Gurijala

Senior Class Executive Advisor: Tesfamichael Negussie

Senior Class Executive of Public Affairs: Jeevandeep Kaur

Senior Class Director of Membership: Moni Giri

Senior Class Historian and Reporter: Danelis M. Borrego Otero