Student Opinion: High School Students Should Say NO to Drugs; Defy Peer Pressure

Carlos Murillo, Reporter

Most of the students who come to Wisdom High School, live in areas where drugs can be found near any corner. This leaves many teens asking themselves “Should I try them”?
The answer doesn’t come so easily as a simple yes or no, because many factors play in. One of them as we all know, is peer pressure. People who instigate this kind of behavior until they make you do what they want you to do, can be very dangerous. This plays an important factor as to whether you become stuck in a cycle of drug usage that will be difficult to get out of.
However, there is more to it than just trying to “fit in” with the rest of those instigators that call themselves your “friends”. There are major health factors that many people end up overseeing, but they eventually catch on to you. The use of any type of drug can cause many health problems. Marijuana for instance, destroys your brain cells – those of which cannot be replaced easily as the years pass by. Then, when you become addicted to a drug, you tend to want to sell anything and everything that you have, just to supply your desperate need.
In my opinion, drugs are not a game. They can kill you. Ignorance as to their effects could potentially end your life without you even being aware of the potential dangers. Some of the most deadly drugs are prescription medications that get abused, and people overdose on them.
Another consequence that often comes into play is getting arrested and sent to jail or prison. Once you go to prison, your record is scarred forever and there’s no way you can erase it. It becomes twice as difficult – once you get out of jail and return to society – to become employed and get back on your feet.
In the long run, friends can be replaced, but your life cannot. You only have one chance in this world, and whatever you do now can affect your future many years from now. Stand up to Peer Pressure and turn the other way, when a “friend” wants you to try something you don’t want to do. Don’t risk your life to be with people that you may never see again, after you graduate from Wisdom High School. It’s not worth the risk.