An Introduction to Cricket

Ahsan Ali, Reporter

Cricket is the second most popular sport in Asia. Other popular sports in Asia include baseball, basketball, badminton, kabaddi and table tennis. Specifically in Pakistan, there are many sports played, but the two well-known sports are cricket and hockey.

Cricket is enjoyed in the south part of Asia, and is older than baseball and football. Cricket was seen played first by two brothers in England. Cricket is my favorite sport. When I was in 8th grade, I played my first state-level cricket match. At that time, my coach underestimated me and made me the 12th player in the game as fielder on long off position, which is equal to right fielder in the game of baseball.

Cricket is a fun and exciting game. It’s very famous internationally in the world, and is identical to baseball. I am a fast bowler in cricket, which just like in baseball, you have to throw the ball in one area and run as fast as you can. Also, the ground is 32 yards, the same number of yards in baseball.

In the Cricket World Cup, India has won two editions, while Pakistan and Sri Lanka have each won once. At the ICC World 20/20, three countries have won once. Bangladesh was known to be the weakest of the four teams, having won 7 out of 91 test matches and 95 out of 309 One Day International matches. However, Bangladesh is making its mark in cricket after winning against the top quality sides in World Cricket.


The Asian Cricket Council is a cricket organization which was established in 1983, in order to promote and develop the sport of cricket in Asia. Membership in the Asian Cricket Council is divided between 4 test status members, 7 associate members, and 11 affiliate members. Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and South Korea are members of ICC East-Asia Pacific instead of the Asian Cricket Council, although Indonesia has applied for membership in the Asian Cricket Council.

Cricket is a great sport that helps you develop teamwork, patience, integration, and commitment. It’s very unique and exceptional. Long live cricket!