Get a Head Start into College by Taking AP Courses

Carlos Murillo, Reporter

Wisdom High School offers plenty of opportunities that benefit all students in the future! Many people don’t believe college is there “thing”, and the reasons people wouldn’t like to go to college is because it’s just too expensive or maybe you don’t feel confident enough to take on the challenge of college course work. Or maybe you just think most colleges won’t accept you. The truth is, college is the only tool that will give you a high level of education, and allow you to pursue higher paying positions in the work force. Luckily, this is where Wisdom High School has a plan to help you!

If you were not aware, our school gives us the opportunity to take college-level classes right now, and they are called Advance Placement Courses, also known as AP classes. Taking these courses and passing the AP tests themselves can potentially save you thousands of dollars in college tuition, that you won’t need to pay since you have already taken those course here at Wisdom. AP classes save you money and time, which can be put to great use in other areas of your life.

“AP classes are much more fun to teach, you learn how to write and think better and ultimately you receive your college credit, plus you get to free up your schedule from the classes you actually have to take”, said Mr. Clarkson, who teaches AP History here at Wisdom.

Your confidence will increase greatly once you see that you are able to take a college course while still in high school, and be successful doing it. You almost feel as if the thought of college isn’t as hard as you had imagined. AP courses prepare you better for what could come in your life as a college student.

Most students would like to get into a great college of their choice, so the best way to stand out is to take AP classes, that help with your applications.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to your school counselor and get your AP courses set up for next semester!