• Class of 2017 Graduation: Sunday, May 28 - 4 pm Delmar Fieldhouse

2016-2017 Staff

Astrid Escobar

News Editor

I am one of three news editors on wisdomhsnews.com, and I help manage the Words of Wisdom, as well as the Breaking News. Among my responsibilities is editing as well as posting stories. This is my second year in Mr. Fanucchi's...

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Sedrah Jamal

News Editor

Hello! I am a junior and one of three News Editors for Wisdomhsnews.com. I find that what goes on around our school campus to be very interesting. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and I am proud to call myself a New Yorker :D....

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Rubi Garcia

News Editor

My name is Rubi and I am one of the three News Editor for wisdomhsnews.com. My favorite part about News class is being able to share awesome stories with the rest of my classmates through a website!  I hope to achieve a high...

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Ahsan Ali

News Reporter

Hi, my name is Ahsan Ali, and I am a junior. I like to play sports, and I'm a cool guy. I'm funny and I would like to achieve everything in life.

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Stephanie Salazar


Hi, my name is Stephanie Salazar and I'm a recent addition to Wisdomhsnews.com. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. A few things I enjoy doing in my spare time are reading, writing, and watching The Walking Dead:D.

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Brandon Mills

Reporter and Photography

What's up, Generals. I'm a Senior and some of you may already know me. But I'm pretty chill and funny. I like to hoop and I'm all about my grades!

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Eddy Chity

Sports Reporter

Hi, my name is Eddy Chity, I like to watch football and play video games. Texans Superbowl 2018!

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Geannett A. Hernandez

Student Life Reporter

Hi, my name is Geannett Alvarez Hernandez, and I am a senior. I like to go to the gym, and I enjoy working.

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Grecia Martinez

Student Life Reporter

Hi, my name is Grecia Martinez, and I am a junior. I love to write for WisdomHSnews.com

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Alexandra Rubio


Hi I am Alexandra, and I’m a sophomore. I enjoy listen to music and helping others. I like newspaper class and I enjoy being a reporter.

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Isaiah Chambers

News Reporter

Hi, my name is Isaiah Chambers. I am a senior. I am a big fan of basketball, and I am very energetic. I love to help out any way I can.

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Luis Aguirre

Sports Reporter

I am a senior and a reporter for 2nd Period News writing. I like to play sports and I am a friendly person.

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Marcos Cervantes

News Reporter

My name is Marcos, and I'm a sophomore reporter for WisdomHSnews.com. My favorite part of being on the news team is that I get to meet new people when I interview them for stories.

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Maritza Carrasco

Student Life Reporter

Hi, my name is Maritza Carrasco, and I am a senior. I'm on the JV Volleyball team, and I am a cool person.

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Miguel Maldonado

News Reporter

Hi, my name is Miguel Maldonado, and I am a junior. I like to work and help others, and I would like to go to college in the future.

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Uriel Noyola

News Reporter

I'm a senior and I enjoy football and playing on my system at home. I'm a very cheerful guy who's wise.

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Zaira Alvarado

Photographer and Reporter

Hi, my name is Zaira Alvarado, and I am a senior. I like everything that's pink and girly.  

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Abraham Rangel

Photo Editor

My name is Abraham Rangel, and I am a senior. I hold it down for H-TOWN.

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Dayana Rodriguez

Student Life Editor

My name is Dayana Rodriguez, and I am a senior. I am a varsity soccer player for Wisdom. I'm a nice person and a good friend.

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Keven Romero

Sports Editor

Hi, my name is Keven Romero, and I am a senior. I enjoy sports.

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Zohaib Malik

Sports Editor

Hey, I'm a Junior. Most of you all might know me. I'm straight up about my grades. Teachers: if you're reading this, I'll work for extra credit.

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Erick Poz


I'm Erick Poz, a photographer, and I enjoy taking pictures at Wisdom High school but also outside of school. I believe a single camera can capture millions of memories at once.

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Juan Alcaraz

Business Manager

I am a senior at Wisdom High School. I enjoy watching Netflix and working. I like to go out to eat and driving.

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David Fanucchi

Staff Advisor

I am in my second year of teaching Journalism, Newswriting, and Yearbook here at Wisdom HS. If you have a story idea or photo you'd like to submit, please send it to [email protected] or stop by Room 325.

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